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Visual Equipment

After IT gave us a handful of problems and delays, we decided to take the easy route and change platform

Looking around to upgrade our daily smartphone / camera, we decided to use the brand new released Red Hydrogen One 

The RH1 is a new tech wonder designed by Jim Jannard, better known as the previous owner and founder of Oakley sunglasses 

Jim already proved his vision and concept back in 2006 when he developed the first 4K camera : the Red One MX

Back in March 2007, director Peter Jackson completed a camera test of two prototype Red One cameras which became the 12-minute World War I film Crossing the Line

The RH1 is an amazing media device

Besides 2D pictures, the RH1 offers 4V better known as 3D. But Jim took it to another level and made it possible to see these without 3D glasses

It took me a while, but finally I found one of the 300 rare Houdini RH1

All pictures and future movies of Dark California are shot using the new RH1

More info can be found at www.H4V.com

Thanks Jim for having me on your new trip!

Hope you enjoy mine  .. . ..  D